Newhall Crossings

The project is located at the intersection of Main Street and Lyons Avenue in Old Town Newhall, California. The project is considered a vertical (residential and commercial) Mixed‐Use project. There is one level of subterranean parking, ground floor retail, and approximately (47) residential dwelling units above.

The retail area is approximately 20,000 square feet and consists of both restaurant and retail spaces. There is a central public plaza that will be adjacent to the proposed 4-5 story mixed‐use building, public parking, and a new Laemmle Art House movie theater.

Location: Corner of Main St. and Lyons Ave.
Status: Scheduled Construction for September 2017
Construction Type: 4-5 stories od multifamily over street level retail and subterranean parking
Architect: WHA Architects
Owner: Old Town-Main, LLC